Q193000 :PRB: Compiling a VB Project Generates "Fatal Error C1083"
Q193010 :BUG: Blinking Hourglass When Expanding Object in Watch Window
Q193016 :PRB: Error Compiling VB5 Project Using LPVOID in Type Library
Q193017 :BUG: Incorrect File Extension Using ActiveX Document Wizard
Q193018 :INFO: Java and Visual C++ Cannot Access Hidden VB Interface
Q193019 :BUG: Type Mismatch Error Erasing a Fixed-Size Array in UDT
Q193020 :INFO: PDW [Do Not Redistribute] Section of VB6DEP.INI
Q193021 :BUG: SSTab Focus Given to a Control on a Non-Visible Tab
Q193022 :HOWTO: Set ActiveX Procedure and User Interface Defaults
Q193025 :BUG: Cannot Dynamically Add a Non-Licensed MFC Control
Q193034 :BUG: Setup Program Created by PDW Disables Windows 95/98 System
Q193036 :BUG: "On Error Resume Next" Enters Infinite Loop in Native Code
Q193082 :HOWTO: Build a Setup Program Creating Multiple Groups and Icons
Q193083 :PRB: "User-Defined Type Not Defined" Error with Shdocvw.dll Enum
Q193087 :BUG: Cannot Run a Compiled ActiveX DLL From IE
Q193089 :PRB: Unexpected Error Occurs in Code Generator or Linker
Q193094 :PRB: DataGrid or DbGrid May Not Display Data
Q193133 :HOWTO: Compile VB Programs with Debug Symbols Embedded
Q193139 :INFO: ADOCE SDK 2.0 Beta Expires on 9/30/1998
Q193143 :BUG: DCOM Client Hangs and Then Gives Error 429
Q193172 :PRB: Runtime Error 430 in Client After Server Type is Changed
Q193173 :PRB: Silent Setup of PDW Package Cannot Create New Folder
Q193174 :PRB: "Filename Must Contain Text" Error When Packaging Project
Q193235 :SAMPLE: VBCEComm.exe Uses the MSCEComm Control in Emulation
Q193238 :HOWTO: Run Automation Manager as a Windows NT Service
Q193261 :BUG: Error 458 Using For Each with Variant Array of UDTs
Q193262 :PRB: Quotes Added When Using Write# to Write Numbers to File
Q193265 :PRB: VB Doesn't Generate Compile Error for Misspelled Methods
Q193270 :INFO: Troubleshooting VB Application Installation Issues
Q193326 :BUG: Data Form Wizard via Application Wizard Omits ADO Reference
Q193334 :PRB: Modification to DefProgramGroup in Setup.lst is Ignored
Q193335 :PRB: Error Loading Form With Reference to UserControl1.ctl
Q193336 :HOWTO: Install Crystal Reports for Use in Visual Basic 6.0
Q193338 :PRB: Setting RightToLeft to True Returns Out Of Memory Error
Q193341 :BUG: Circular Dependency Error With Embedded UserControls
Q193347 :PRB: Data Environment and MS Data Shape Provider
Q193358 :PRB: Books Online Causes an IPF at 00DE:00000003
Q193363 :BUG: DDE Paste Link with Word Fails to Update Using LinkSend
Q193366 :INFO: CAB Files Distributed with Visual Basic 6.0
Q193367 :FIX: Access Violation in MSVBVM50 When Passing a Variant Array
Q193379 :HOWTO: Print Preview in Visual Basic Applications
Q193399 :BUG: TabStrip Loses Selection When Placement Property is Changed
Q193400 :BUG: Show Event in a UserControl Array Member Does Not Execute
Q193401 :BUG: Can't Change UserControl FontTransparent if Default = False
Q193424 :BUG: Excel 97 Menus Fail with In-Place Activation from MDI Child
Q193438 :BUG: Server Not Released if Raise Error in Class_Initialize
Q193514 :BUG: Data Form Wizard Mishandles '-' in Table or Field Names
Q193540 :HOWTO: Read and Display UNICODE String on Visual Basic Form
Q193541 :INFO: Visual Basic 5.0 Product Documentation Print Version
Q193542 :INFO: Visual Basic 6.0 Product Documentation Print Version
Q193589 :HOWTO: Create Transparent Images From Bitmaps
Q193593 :PRB: Cannot Paste PrintScreen Result to OLE Control
Q193695 :BUG: Right-Aligned Button Text Not Visible in Vertical Toolbar
Q193875 :BUG: Cannot Force Update Using a DataCombo Bound to ADODC or DE

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