Q191000 :BUG: Unexpected Error Entering Break Mode in Shared Module
Q191001 :BUG: PDW May Handle .REG Files Incorrectly
Q191005 :BUG: EXE Created Without File Extension on Windows 98
Q191006 :DOC: Flexgrid Limitation of 350,000 Total Cells
Q191035 :BUG: Changes to WebClass Templates Not Always Detected
Q191036 :BUG: Option Explicit Statement Is Not Added by WebClass Designer
Q191037 :INFO: VB6 Learning, Professional, and Enterprise Features
Q191038 :INFO: WebClass Initialize, BeginRequest, Terminate Events
Q191039 :HOWTO: Build an IIS Application and References
Q191071 :BUG: Controls Do Not Refresh After Exit From Screen Saver on NT
Q191083 :BUG: IPF When Replacing Class Module with UserControl
Q191089 :PRB: Multimedia API Calls May Fail with Long File Names
Q191092 :PRB: PDW Appends Script Information to Existing PDM File
Q191095 :BUG: Error When Attempting to Update Included Files in PDW
Q191096 :PRB: Multiple "System Files Are Out of Date" Errors
Q191104 :PRB: Drive ListBox Fails to Drop Down with a Small FontSize
Q191105 :BUG: RestoreToolbar Method May Not Restore Toolbar Correctly
Q191119 :BUG: VB Classes Can Cause IIS to have Access Violations
Q191121 :DOC: CreateObject Documentation Using Servername Argument
Q191125 :BUG: Error Logging Could Have Problems in WebClass Designers
Q191130 :INFO: Fixlist for Visual Basic 6.0 for Windows as 8/7/98
Q191183 :HOWTO: Navigate Between DHTML Designer Pages
Q191187 :PRB: Don't Modify ASP File Created by the WebClass Designer
Q191198 :SAMPLE: Sfolder.exe Gets the Path of a Special Folder
Q191201 :BUG: Cannot Edit User Defined Type in Watch Window
Q191205 :BUG: Run-Time Error 458 When Late-Binding Rich TextBox Control
Q191206 :PRB: Compiler Error Overriding VBA Conversion Functions
Q191207 :BUG: Compile Error When You Reopen a Project That Uses Implement
Q191212 :HOWTO: Modify and Rebuild .cab Files Built with PDW
Q191214 :BUG: Error Message When Not Breaking Binary Compatibility
Q191215 :BUG: Print Method Does Not Work Within a With-Block
Q191216 :DOC: CallByName Documentation Error
Q191235 :HOWTO: Use the Shared Property Manager in MTS Through VB Code
Q191253 :HOWTO: Implement Multi-user Custom Counters in DAO 3.5
Q191454 :PRB: Event Procedures May Be Executed for Unhandled Events
Q191457 :PRB: DataEnvironment Recordset Requery Does Not Refresh Controls
Q191463 :PRB: Cannot Create Control Array in VB6 DHTML Application
Q191474 :HOWTO: Create a Generic Error Handler for your Application
Q191477 :BUG: Overflow of Number in RowHeight Property Allowed
Q191478 :INFO: Palm-Size PC Does Not Support VBCE Applications
Q191512 :PRB: DataFormat Property Not Reset to Blank Value
Q191513 :BUG: TSQL-Debugger Not Invoked Calling Second Stored Procedure
Q191524 :INFO: Controls Shipped in Visual Basic 6.0
Q191528 :FIX: DBCombo Not Appearing on SSTab After Changing Settings
Q191546 :PRB: Visual Basic Files Are Missing From Common\Tools Directory
Q191550 :BUG: DateTimePicker Won't Scroll Full Text in Visible Combo Area
Q191551 :BUG: CtlPlus Sample Fails to Load
Q191615 :BUG: Menu Disabled in Application Activated Using OLE Control
Q191616 :BUG: Order of Evaluation Change Between Native Code and P-Code
Q191670 :HOWTO: Suppress Default Pop-up Menu When Using Custom Menu
Q191691 :BUG: Sub Moved Above Enum or Type Causes Incompatibility Error
Q191692 :PRB: SHDOCVW.DLL Not Included in PDW Setup Package
Q191693 :BUG: Ambiguous Name Detection for Private Functions Named "Main"
Q191704 :PRB: Unable to Load File to Register It During Setup
Q191713 :INFO: Type Declaration Character to Data Type Chart
Q191716 :BUG: Assigning Resultset to RDC Does Not Update Control(s)
Q191717 :HOWTO: Displaying Boolean Values in Bound DataGrid
Q191718 :BUG: Error 13 Assigning Variable to UserControl in Same Project
Q191719 :BUG: UpDown Control's BuddyProperty Returns Empty String in EXE
Q191720 :BUG: Option Button Value Changes When Group is Disabled
Q191723 :BUG: DataGrid Column Appears To Be Missing
Q191752 :PRB: DataRepeater Control's RepeaterBindings List Is Empty
Q191786 :BUG: VisData Error "Importing/exporting Table Names with Spaces"
Q191787 :BUG: Selecting RecordSource for Data Control Causes VB to Hang
Q191788 :PRB: rdoConnection_Connect Event Does Not Always Fire
Q191790 :INFO: VB 6.0 Readme Part 15: Application Performance Explorer
Q191791 :INFO: VB 6.0 Readme Part 14: Visual Component Manager
Q191792 :INFO: VB 6.0 Readme Part 13: Dictionary Object
Q191803 :PRB: Click Event for DBGrid Returns Previous Row Values
Q191835 :PRB: Enumerated Data Types in DBGRID32.OCX
Q191857 :BUG: Scrollbar Disabled in IDE When Enabled is Set to False
Q191858 :BUG: Changing Appearance Property Reduces ListBox Height
Q191859 :BUG: MonthView Control Prevents CommandButton Click Event
Q191864 :PRB: Error 743 Adding ActiveX Controls to Control Collection
Q191872 :PRB: Enum HelpStrings Not Displayed in Properties Window
Q191897 :BUG: Shape on Transparent UserControl May Not Redraw Properly
Q191898 :BUG: Windowless TextBox Contents Highlighted After Drag & Drop
Q191902 :PRB: Errors Using Setup Wizard on Novell Network
Q191912 :BUG: Constituent Control Validate Event Can Fail on UserControl
Q191919 :BUG: DataGrid Doesn't Handle Special Filter Constants Correctly

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