Q187232 :HOWTO: Add Multiple Controls to a CoolBar Control Band
Q187233 :BUG: DateTimePicker's CustomFormat May Be Ignored
Q187234 :HOWTO: Use the Dictionary Object with Visual Basic
Q187282 :INFO: List of Visual Basic Run-Time Files Installed by Product
Q187289 :HOWTO: Implement Nested Transactions with Oracle
Q187297 :PRB: Run-time Error 3024 Using SQL and DAO Against Oracle
Q187299 :SAMPLE: Persist.exe Persists Class Objects with VB6
Q187529 :HOWTO: Using ADO to Access Objects Through ADSI LDAP Provider
Q187535 :HOWTO: Change Passwords Programmatically in Windows NT
Q187553 :BUG: Error 10 Attempting to ReDim or Erase an Array
Q187562 :HOWTO: Resize the Controls in SSTab When Form is Resized
Q187568 :HOWTO: Create Your Own Bitmap Object Class
Q187593 :INFO: MSVBVM50.DLL Is Included in Windows 98
Q187633 :BUG: Type Mismatch Referencing UserControl on Unloaded Form
Q187654 :HOWTO: Create a MAPI-Aware UserControl
Q187670 :HOWTO: Use RDO and ODBC Text Driver To Open a Delimited Text
Q187673 :SAMPLE: AUDIOLVL.EXE-Monitor Input and Output Audio Levels
Q187674 :HOWTO: Find Undocumented Constants Used by Windows API Functions
Q187675 :HOWTO: Copy a String to a Byte Array Without Unicode Conversion
Q187716 :DOC: Incorrect API Text Viewer Declaration of GetVersionEx API
Q187740 :PRB: UserControl Resize Event Fails with MoveWindow API
Q187787 :PRB: Class Builder Does Not Save the Built Class
Q187834 :HOWTO: Select and Unselect a Range of Cells in MSFlexGrid
Q187872 :HOWTO: Determine Jet Memory Usage with DAO MaxBufferSize
Q187912 :HOWTO: Pass a String Between Visual Basic and Your C DLL
Q187913 :HOWTO: List Running Processes
Q187918 :PRB: SendMessage Fails for Some Messages
Q187922 :PRB: Passing a UDT To Or From an ActiveX EXE May Fail on NT
Q187924 :PRB: Unable To Build Internet Download Distribution Set
Q187945 :HOWTO: Pass Text Fields To a Stored Procedure Using RDO 2.0
Q187948 :INFO: Server Installation With Visual Studio 6.0
Q187983 :BUG: IDE Crash with Compiled GlobalMultiUse

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