Q178020 :FILE: WIN32API.EXE: Updated Version of Win32api32.txt File
Q178070 :HOWTO: Handle Quotes and Pipes in Concatenated SQL Literals
Q178076 :HOWTO: Use a PictureBox to Control Orientation Printing a Form
Q178078 :BUG: Events Occur in EXE While a Message Box Is Displayed
Q178099 :INFO: Visual Basic: Related VB Programmers Journal June 1997
Q178100 :INFO: Visual Basic: Related VB Programmers Journal Sept. 1997
Q178101 :INFO: Visual Basic: Related VB Programmers Journal October 1997
Q178102 :INFO: Visual Basic: Related VB Programmers Journal November 1997
Q178103 :INFO: Visual Basic: Related VB Programmers Journal December 1997
Q178127 :HOWTO: Adjust RowHeight of MSFlexGrid to Accommodate WordWrap
Q178166 :PRB: GeoFacts Sample Causes Type Mismatch Error with Excel 97
Q178167 :PRB: GeoFacts Sample Causes Automation Error on NT
Q178354 :HOWTO: Setup Wizard Dependency Files
Q178357 :HOWTO: Set an Error Level from a Visual Basic Application
Q178359 :PRB: Distribution of MSCAL Control in VB Application
Q178401 :PRB: Message Box Appears Behind Form Set as Top-Most Window
Q178445 :PRB: Stored Procedure with Text (BLOB) Input Returns Null Output
Q178456 :FILE: VOLUME.EXE: Set Volume Control Levels Using Visual Basic
Q178469 :PRB: Focus on the Tab Control Changes to an Inactive Tab
Q178489 :PRB: Error 53 "File Not Found" When Calling a DLL Function
Q178490 :PRB: "Can't Assign To Read-Only Property" Error Message
Q178491 :HOWTO: Change the TreeView Control Background Color
Q178495 :BUG: Invalid Page Fault When Deleting Nodes in TreeView Control
Q178527 :PRB: VB5 SP2 and SP3 Give Incorrect Floating Point Results
Q178545 :PRB: Cannot Set Marker Size or Style for MSChart
Q178719 :HOWTO: Plot X/Y Coordinate Values on a Scatter Chart
Q178726 :PRB: Error Message "User-defined Type Not Defined"
Q178753 :PRB: ListView ItemClick Event Executes Multiple Times
Q178754 :PRB: Modal Form Does Not Appear in the Taskbar
Q178755 :HOWTO: Enumerate the Values of a Registry Key
Q178875 :FILE: ORALONG.EXE: Use RDO with Oracle LONG/LONG RAW Datatypes
Q178881 :BUG: MSChart Control Can't Plot Data Points >15 Decimal Places

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