Q176049 :BUG: Run-time Error "This Array is Fixed or Temporarily Locked"
Q176058 :HOWTO: Pass String Data Between Applications Using SendMessage
Q176061 :PRB: Opening an Embedded Word 97 Document Creates an Extra Doc
Q176085 :HOWTO: Use the System Tray Directly from Visual Basic 5.0
Q176086 :HOWTO: Retrieve Recordsets from Oracle Stored Procs Using ADO
Q176162 :BUG: Resource Loss with VB4 16-Bit OLE Container in Windows 3.11
Q176164 :BUG: Optional Argument Default Value Breaks Binary Compatibility
Q176166 :DOC: RichTextBox OLEDragMode and OLEDropMode Defaults Incorrect
Q176258 :BUG: Refresh Method of Data Control Resets QueryTimeout
Q176338 :PRB: Executing .Fetch of the VB5 MSMAPI32.OCX Can Hang VB5
Q176391 :HOWTO: Programmatically Close a Separate Application
Q176392 :BUG: Can't Assign an Object to an ActiveX Tag Property
Q176399 :PRB: VB5.0 OLE Automation Error -2147418197 (80010005)
Q176400 :HOWTO: Print the WebBrowser Control
Q176410 :PRB: GPF When Opening or Creating a New Project
Q176419 :BUG: Inet Control Method OpenURL Fails If No Proxy Selected
Q176428 :PRB: MSRDO20.OCX Not Registered When Running Application Setup
Q176429 :BUG: Can't Check MDIChild Property of Forms in Forms Collection
Q176430 :FIX: Controls on Nested Frames on SSTab May Paint Incorrectly
Q176435 :PRB: Compiling to Native Code Can Be Slow
Q176438 :BUG: "Unexpected error" When Loading a GIF
Q176468 :INFO: Behavior of Forms in an ActiveX Document
Q176486 :BUG: Bookmark for Unbound DBGrid is Incorrect for the Last Row
Q176535 :HOWTO: Save Attachments to File with MSMAPI.VBX or MSMAPI.OCX
Q176547 :FILE: VB5SP2DS.EXE: Visual Basic SP2 Debugging Symbols
Q176561 :PRB: Passing Timestamp Parameter Using User Connection Designer
Q176563 :BUG: DBGrid Loses All Except One Row After Scrolling to Bottom
Q176564 :PRB: RDO 2.0 CommitTrans/RollbackTrans Closes Resultset
Q176631 :DOC: FlexGrid Constants Incorrect in Help and Books Online
Q176632 :PRB: MSChart Legend Text Gets Truncated
Q176633 :PRB: Axis Text on MSChart Control Appears Illegible
Q176634 :BUG: Line/Circle Methods Don't Print as Transparent on Win95
Q176641 :BUG: Do Until Loop Evaluates "True" as -1 Exclusively
Q176643 :HOWTO: Find Multiple Occurrences of a String in a RichTextBox
Q176695 :PRB: ExitWindowsEx API Does Not Reboot Windows NT
Q176790 :HOWTO: Use CoCreateGUID API to Generate a GUID with VB
Q176799 :INFO: Using DCOM Config (DCOMCNFG.EXE) on Windows NT
Q176810 :HOWTO: Manually Modify and Rebuild CAB Files
Q176873 :BUG: DBCombo Does Not Display the "&" Character Correctly
Q176876 :HOWTO: Find VB32.EXE Without Searching the Hard Drive
Q176879 :INFO: Visual Modeler Ver. 1.1 Available at Microsoft Web Site
Q176936 :INFO: Visual Basic 5.0 Accessing an Oracle Database Using ADO
Q176951 :HOWTO: Use Events to Generate Asynchronous Callbacks

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