Q174004 :FIX: Cannot Change Variant Array in Class Module
Q174050 :HOWTO: Determine File Type from Registered CLSID
Q174087 :HOWTO: Display Additional Buttons in Customize Toolbar Dialog
Q174135 :INFO: Setup Cannot Continue...System Files Are Out of Date
Q174141 :HOWTO:: Display Outlook Folder Names
Q174155 :BUG: Format Function May Return Incorrect Values
Q174156 :HOWTO: Programmatically Launch the Default Internet Browser
Q174159 :DOC: Correction for VB Setup Wizard Code Signing Info
Q174212 :BUG: ActiveForm Returns Wrong Form
Q174213 :BUG: Blank Window Appears Instead of Help File Contents
Q174214 :PRB: Form with Menu Displays Border w/ Borderstyle Set to None
Q174216 :PRB: TransparentPaint Backstyle Option Unavailable
Q174289 :FIX: Memory Leak Occurs After Form is Unloaded
Q174301 :HOWTO: Display Text on a Dithered Background in a TextBox
Q174321 :BUG: BackColor of MaskEdBox Control Changes When Enabled=False
Q174488 :PRB: App Generates Run-Time Error 3633 When Run on New Machine
Q174517 :PRB: Office 97 SR-1 Patch Doesn't Update VB 5.0 Jet/DAO DLLs
Q174553 :HOWTO: Detect When a Control Is Placed into a UserControl
Q174652 :BUG: PrintForm Method Does Not Print Entire Form
Q174677 :INFO: VB5 CCE System Requirements Different Than Other Editions
Q174679 :HOWTO: Retrieve Resultsets from Oracle Stored Procedures
Q174686 :PRB: Error 371 or 5 Occurs When Using the Show Method
Q174804 :FILE:Whitepaper: Creating Highly-Scalable Server-Side Component
Q174808 :PRB: Poor Performance with the GoSub Statement
Q174825 :BUG: Accessing Image Property of PictureBox Diminishes Resources
Q174832 :DOC: Incorrect Internet Transfer Control GetChunk Example
Q174835 :FIX: Internet Transfer Control Using Username and Password
Q174836 :FIX: Problems Shutting Down When Using the Inet Control
Q174882 :PRB: Cannot Install "Learn VB Now" Program
Q174883 :DOC: ExitWindows Function Declaration Incorrect in API Viewer
Q174885 :FILE: Microsoft Visual Modeler Product Information
Q174921 :HOWTO: Communicate with a UserDocument from a WebBrowser Control
Q174923 :HOWTO: Use the PostData Parameter in WebBrowser Control
Q174981 :HOWTO: Retrieve Typical Resultsets From Oracle Stored Procedures

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