Q171146 :HOWTO: Create and Remove a DSN in Visual Basic
Q171209 :BUG: Popup Menus May Cause Application Error in IDE
Q171215 :HOWTO: Use Data Form Wizard to Connect to Remote Data via DAO
Q171271 :BUG: Internet Transfer Control 5.0 Has Bug with "HEAD" Request
Q171318 :HOWTO: Bind Data Controls Across Multiple Forms
Q171379 :HOWTO: Use the Proxy Property in the Internet Transfer Control
Q171385 :INFO: Article List for Troubleshooting Registry in Windows 95
Q171456 :PRB: Run-time error -2147023071 (80070721) using WithEvents
Q171503 :FIX: Memory Leak When Setting the ForeColor of VB5 Object
Q171537 :FIX: Bad Error Number Returned if Relationship Doesn't Exist
Q171538 :FIX: Can't Set Property on Interface That Has Attached Root
Q171539 :FIX: TypeDef Model Doesn't Have Propagate Delete on Relationship
Q171544 :FIX: Engine: Collection Object Doesn't Access Correctly by Name
Q171545 :FIX: Error 438 Using CreateInterface's Optional Default Flag
Q171546 :FIX: VB4 Apps with Unbound DBGrid Fail with VB5 DBGrid
Q171547 :FIX: New DBGrid32.OCX Breaks VB4 Apps that Use VB4 Version
Q171548 :FIX: Binary-Compatible Server Causes VB to Hang in IDE
Q171549 :FIX: Cached Class Factorys Get Released by Illegal Thread
Q171550 :FIX: Recompiling with SP2 Breaks Binary Compatibility
Q171551 :FIX: 32-Bit DBList/DBCombo May Exhibit Problems When Locked
Q171554 :INFO: Visual Basic 5.0 Fixes in Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 2
Q171556 :FIX: VB5 IDE Causes Exception Violation During Unload of Form
Q171575 :FIX: RISC: CByte Doesn't Fail on Negative Values on Native Exe
Q171583 :HOWTO: Fill a 32-bit VBA Array of UDType via a Visual C++ DLL
Q171598 :BUG: Properties Dialog Appears When TabStrip Double-Clicked
Q171603 :HOWTO: Get the Unread Message Count from an Outlook Folder
Q171652 :HOWTO: Retrieve Individual Bytes from a Multi-Byte Type in VB
Q171654 :HOWTO: Attach a Console Window to your Visual Basic Program
Q171728 :PRB: Text Property of Grid Is Reset When Used on SSTab Control
Q171731 :DOC: LoadResData Function Does Not Support All Formats
Q171733 :PRB: FlexGrid Control Doesn't Trap Arrow Keys
Q171799 :FIX: RDO May Incorrectly Handle Transaction Locking Conflicts
Q171810 :FIX: Invoking the Visual Component Manager Asserts in Exutil
Q171811 :FIX: Cannot See Relationship Collection on Interface with Tab
Q171831 :FIX: IObjectSafety Implemented in Toolbar and CmDialog Controls

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