Welcome to this site..

The first purpose is to share information about programming in Visual Basic. This can be any version from 3. I believe that information must be free and available for all who are in need for it.
On this site I have collected several items concerning VisualBasic; you can find working VB-source code - ready to paste into your project -. There is a sepearate section about working with Access without the database-control. Some home-made utilities are waiting for free downloading; there are several interesting links to other VB-resources.
So if you are interested in VB then you can get your kick here. If the answer isn't found here you can asked me the question. And if I can.. I will give you the answer (or at least a place where to find the answer).
But maintaining a site cost sometimes time and money: not only for the connection and hardware.

So that's why I asked you the next questions:
Do you like the contents of this site?
Did it helped you by solving your problem?

When you answer both questions positive then take an enveloppe. Put one (1) dollar - or your native currency equivilant - in it and sent it along with a postcard of your home-town to the following adress:
W. Musch
P.O.Box 59
Netherlands / Holland
With your donation I will be able to upgrade the site to a higher level of service.